LFam Streamers Podcast

FB/Twitch Streamer Thoumustgame Why do it!

March 17, 2021 Twitch Streamers: LiKwaiLao & Thoumustgame Season 2 Episode 11
LFam Streamers Podcast
FB/Twitch Streamer Thoumustgame Why do it!
Show Notes

Twitch Streamer Thoumustgame following his journey & making it to Partner on Facebookgaming after being a Mixer Partner with a FIRE CHANNEL only to have Mixer close, to even streaming on Twitch Now & coming back even STRONGER.
We interview Twitch Thoumustgame  & go down the road from Mixer days to becoming a Facebook Partner & also streaming on Twitch. Why it's important to keep going even after you are hit with hard times in life. Thou does it because his relationships have become more over time almost like family. His community "RGST" (RascalityGaming) is an amazing group of people to be part of today. You will see this when checking out one of his streams on Facebookgaming & Twitch.  Follow TODAY just click on the links!
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